A Happy Problem

RussiachopOur Russia program has a problem – we are getting referrals! This means that families are being matched with children and families are traveling. Why is this a problem you ask? Because it means we have several families leaving the program this year and those families need to be replaced. So how about it? Do you feel God calling you to adopt from Russia? We realize many prospective adoptive parents look at the costs, the timeframes and the number of trips required and see those as obstacles. If these are one of your concerns, or if you have other concerns that lead you to exclude Russia as an optional program then please give us a call and let one of our knowledgeable staff discuss with you why Russia should still be considered as a country from which to adopt.

Why not check out our helpful FAQ’s? Also, here’s a non-exhaustive list of financial resources available to families. Keep an eye out soon for a great testimony from one of our families who headed up a BothHands (http://bothhandsfoundation.org/) project. Not only did it offer a way for their friends and family to donate towards the adoption process, but it also allowed their community the opportunity to minister to a very special lady.

We look forward to hearing from YOU! 


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