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A Great Need: HIV Positive Adoption in India

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America World is passionate about finding forever families for the children of India that are waiting, and we are currently seeing a huge need for families open to children affected by HIV. The reality is that there are many children waiting in orphanages for a family because of their HIV-positive status. Many of these children are on the CARINGS website and are available and ready to be matched with home study-ready families. These are children of either gender and all different ages; the most common need is for children age four years and above. They urgently need the love and care of a family, but their status has been a significant barrier; some of these children having lived in their orphanage since birth.

Have you considered adopting an HIV positive child? This medical need can sometimes evoke fear, but there are some important facts to know: HIV is not transmitted or found in tears, nasal fluid, sweat, saliva, urine, or fecal matter. HIV is only transmitted through birth, breastfeeding, sexual contact, contaminated needles and syringes. HIV has never been transmitted through a normal family living environment.

While there is currently no cure for HIV, the medications that are now available to treat HIV are highly effective.  HIV-positive individuals who are receiving treatment can live indefinitely without developing AIDS. According to the National Institute of Health, the life expectancy of HIV-positive children who have access to medical care is about the same as non-infected people. The reality of the progress that has been made in the treatment of HIV is almost unbelievable, a miracle really.  The theory is that the younger a child begins treatment with easily prescribed medications, the earlier the virus can become insignificant to the health of the child, sometimes even undetectable. 

One concern in adopting an HIV-positive child is that the child might pose a health risk to other children in the home or might require a great deal of medical attention. With the help of modern medicine, and a simple understanding of basic best practices in handling blood-born illness, this can be one of the most manageable medical needs we see in the program. Adding a Waiting Child with HIV into your family can be a similar transition to adding any other child with minor to correctable needs. We are seeing more resources and support for families open to this need than ever before.

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America World Adoption is passionate about educating families on the truths about HIV because we know that each child is precious to God. The reality is that adopting a child with HIV can mean life or death to that child. Vulnerable children in India that are also HIV-positive likely will not get married, may not be able to be employed, their opportunities for a normal family life would be extremely limited. In third world countries, healthcare and necessary medicines are harder to obtain. Here in the United States, there are a growing number of doctors and specialist that can walk with parents through the journey of adopting a child with HIV.

We know there are many factors in determining which medical needs may be the right fit for your family. We encourage you to talk with a doctor or infectious disease specialist that help you determine if adopting a child with HIV is right for your family. America World has resources available for learning more about HIV. There are also many families that have adopted HIV-positive children through America World and have made themselves available for references with other families. We would be glad to pass along these resources and references as you consider this need.

 Below are some profiles of the HIV positive children currently waiting to be matched:

  • 5-year old male
  • 5-year old female
  • 6-year old male
  • 7-year old female
  • 8-year old male
  • 9-year old female

These are just some of the children currently available to be matched. Please note that these are shared referrals, and the children available for adoption changes daily, as agencies around the world match waiting children.

Please contact for more information on HIV positive adoption and the children that are currently waiting!



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