A Family Story: The Adoption Journey – The Bumps, Twists & Turns

Every adoption journey is different and all are beautiful stories of God working in and through our circumstances to bring about His plan.  

Our thanks to A.J. & Susannah Pilato for submitting the following to America World to share with all of you.  

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There is a reason they refer to adoption as a journey.  It’s not a quick race or a dead sprint or a short stroll on a smooth path.  It’s a beautiful, God inspiring trip full of bumps, twists and turns that is set apart for the ones He has called to be on it. Our journey began well before my husband and I were married.  Knowing we may not be able to have biological children we spoke often about adoption and how we would definitely grow our family in some way through it.  We got married, went on trips, bought our first house and began trying to have children.  Five years later, we had exhausted all avenues, except the one the Lord kept quietly and purposefully putting on our hearts; ADOPTION.  It was decided–our family would begin with adoption and it was the best, most anointed way possible we could have become parents!

Pilato 2 FBThe paperwork began, announcements made and fundraising blog posts published.  We really had no idea how this would all come together, but we knew we had to put all of our trust in the Lord. Each step, the Lord showed us how to trust Him more, how to be more humble while we waited and how to praise Him when obstacles arose. It was definitely a huge learning curve for us spiritually, as we waited for our precious little one’s face to make his appearance in our inbox.   I know the Lord was preparing us for what was ahead of us once we brought our little guy home.  You see, the Lord knew by humbling us and working on our hearts, we would be prepared to prayerfully battle and help the heart of our son once he came home.  I believe this has been one of the greatest gifts of adoption. God’s healing power of both our hearts and our son’s enabling the beautiful scriptures to play out before us: the grafting of a child into our family through adoption just as we as Believers are grafted into God’s kingdom through adoption.  

This transition, this grafting, this new normal was not always pretty. It wasn’t always fun or exciting. It was hard in many ways: physically, spiritually and emotionally, but that’s how it is when we are being restored and renewed by the Word isn’t?  The parallel between us being grafted into the Kingdom and these sweet precious lives being brought home into our families is unequivocal!  That alone is something to rejoice about!  We know there is healing for these little ones through love, patience, perseverance and the Word of God!

Pilato 1 FBHere in the Pilato house, we rejoice greatly!  We have seen our son go from a sullen little guy to a boisterous, high energy, “God Bless America” singing boy who has been grafted by love and prayer into our family! Through God’s love and work on our hearts, we’ve been able to prayerfully help Eli peel back the layers of orphan and expose the true creation God made Eli to be!  And what an amazingly terrific creation he is!  AJ and I praise God for the mighty work He has done to restore Eli’s little heart, helping him become a beautiful, vibrant branch in our family tree!  Praise Jesus–the Restorer, The Conqueror!

Susannah Pilato, America World Mom

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12




Another beautiful family story of how God works in our lives and how adoption plays such an amazing part in the stories of adoptive families.  

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