A Family Story: Canvas, Paint & Adoption

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible.â€

Matthew 19:26


Ayres Paint Party
We serve an amazing Heavenly Father.  He is faithful and loving, omnipresent, the beginning and the end, He is everything and with Him all things are possible.  There are moments in our life when God wants us to sit and be still, listen and pray.  But then there are moments in our life when God calls us to step out in faith, take a leap and trust He will guide our path.  The road may be bumpy, filled with twists and turns but the one thing we can be sure of is if we step out in faith and trust the one who created Heaven and Earth, anything and all things are possible.

If you are reading this blog, adoption is either on your mind, a part of your life and/or a journey you are walking through at this very moment.  All of our stories are unique and different but the one thing we have in common is the Author.  God put adoption on our hearts in February 2013 and by April 2013 we were submitting an application to adopt from Ethiopia.  After almost two years on the waiting list, through prayer and assurance from God, we put in a transfer to adopt from China’s Waiting Children Program.  It was a hard decision to make but we knew in our hearts that God had a purpose for this change of direction and we took a leap of faith.

When we began the adoption process two years ago I never, in my wildest dreams, knew how many people’s lives we would touch and vice versa throughout our journey.  We have met amazing and encouraging families with unique stories of how adoption has touched their lives.  We have also been blessed to meet generous, giving, loving people who give time, resources and money to help make our dream of adopting come true.  

As all of you know, adopting, whether it be international or domestic, is expensive.  But I believe “with God all things are possible.† As I mentioned above, God has brought some amazing people into our lives.  One woman in particular, has made our fundraising efforts a fun and exciting experience and I wanted to share with everyone in the hope you may be encouraged and find hope and excitement in fundraising.   

Nicole Ayres 1
Recently we hosted a “Canvas Painting Party†or otherwise known as “Wine and Canvas†party.  A stranger I now call a friend, allowed us to pick a painting that we could paint together in a room with 25 other people.  If you have not attended a canvas party before, this is painting made easy with step by step instructions that result in an amazing finished product you painted with your own two hands!!  What we decided to do was sell tickets for the event, limiting the attendees to 25 people so the artist could help everyone along the way.  We had a bake and appetizer sale going on at the same time allowing participants to snack free of charge or to donate if they felt led.  We had such a successful and amazing turn out that people are asking us when we will be hosting another party.  We ended up raising just short of $556 after I paid for the materials we used and all I had to do was set up tables and sell tickets!  It was a successful event people were excited to attend where we were able to gather together and raise awareness of the need for adoption, raise money to offset the costs of our adoption and have a lot of fun along the way.  

If anyone has any questions about hosting a canvas party, please feel free to contact me as I would love to share in more detail and answer any questions.  Be encouraged and know God works miracles and provides.  God Bless.

Nicole Ayres


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