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“A Family for Nate” – A Family’s Story of One Who is Still Waiting

 Adam & Megan Lauman adopted their son Leo last November through the China Waiting Child Program. God continues to move in their hearts as they transition home with their son and consider the needs of so many children who continue to wait for a family. Today they share their heart for a little boy we call “Nate,” who is currently waiting to be matched with his forever family.


Nate 2
For several years the words on our hearts have been, “God, break our heart for what breaks yours.” This statement begins as a prayer, then becomes a lesson and eventually can transform your heart, soul, and mind. The hope we have when we proclaim this request is that God's response brings us another step closer to Godly perfection here on Earth, and ultimately closer to Him. We've learned that this statement, prayer, plea (if you will) comes with a call to action. Three years ago this prayer opened our hearts and eyes to the lonely, hurting, fatherless children of our world. Our hearts were truly broken. When God allows our hearts to be broken, He does not leave us there, hurting, “The Lord is near the broken hearted; He delivers those who are discouraged.” -Psalm 34:18 This is where the lesson comes into play. The Lord shows you more and more, opening up your eyes and revealing what He wants to use to stir up in your heart and gives you direction about what to do about it. After our hearts were broken for the children without families, it only made sense to be a family to a child who was waiting for one. So we starting working hard to bring our son home. Having Leo home has taught us so much about God's love and faithfulness. We've watched a child go from being completely disconnected form the world, to full of life! God held true to His promise, that He will deliver His people from being discouraged. Our lives have been transformed completely! Our whole being, heart, soul and mind – all of us. We have become totally invested into what God has used to break our hearts. It sounds crazy, but it's a beautiful thing having your heart broken. God knew the hurt we were feeling after our hearts were broken and used it to connect us to a little boy also broken and hurting. A boy that needed a family to care for his needs and show him the love of Christ. Christ's love can heal the broken heart. Christ's love is healing Leo. 


“Nate's heart is broken too, and not because he asked for it to be.”


God has now broken our hearts again. Our hearts have been broken for another boy, “Nate”. Nate's heart is broken too, and not because he asked for it to be. His heart is broken from the pain of being abandoned when he was 18 months old. His heart is broken over feeling unwanted. His heart is broken from multiple surgeries with no mama or baba to hold him and tell him it will be okay. His heart is broken from watching “chosen” children leave the orphanage where he lives. His heart is broken from years and years of waiting to hear that he is loved. His heart is broken because for eight years he has had no one to tell him that he is a beautiful, perfect child. His heart is broken from loosing hope. Nate does not know about God's faithfulness, and that is heartbreaking. We asked for God to break our hearts, knowing the promise, that He would use our broken hearts for His glory and purpose. God has showed us how it feels for His heart to be broken for His children. We are full of sadness knowing Nate has to feel the pain of a broken heart. We don't want him fatherless one more day. We don't want him to loose hope. We so badly want him to have a family to tell him he is LOVED, he is WANTED, and he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in His image. We are broken-hearted that because of his needs mixed with the needs of the children we're already in love with and committed to, we cannot be that family for him. We continue to believe that if God is going to break your heart, He is going to do it for a purpose. So we believe that, just maybe, the purpose here is for us to tell Nate's story and help Nate find his forever family. 

Nate lives in the orphanage where Leo lived his first three years of life. He has an adorable smile and beautiful eyes. From what we've learned, he seems to be witty and outgoing. He is fearless and determined on the playground. We were told he is often the first child to reach the top of the playground (despite physical challenges). He liked to go to the top of the play ground equipment so he could look over the gate at the construction happening on the other side, and watch. He has a big imagination. He likes to walk holding someone's hand, and he likes to snuggle on laps. He likes to please his caregivers, and do what they ask of him. We were told he loved spending time with a man that went on a mission trip to the orphanage and that Nate would do great in a family with an active, involved father. Nate needs a father that can help him understand our Father's love for him. 

Nate 1
Our God is a healer of broken hearts. He is faithful. He gives and takes away. He has broken our hearts and opened them to hurting children so we would DO SOMETHING about it. He will use His perfect healing love to restore the broken hearts of His children! Is your heart broken? What have you allowed God to break it for? Is your heart broken for Nate? Is your heart broken for the orphaned children in this world? We would love to talk to you. We'd love to hear about it. We'd love to share whatever we can that will help the Lord deliver you from your broken heartedness. Praise the Lord, for He can heal all broken hearts. 


“Adoption is a redemptive response to tragedy that happens in this broken world.” - Katie Davis


Nate 3


To learn more, please visit the America World Waiting Child password protected site. You can contact our China team at or by phone at 800.429.3369. Nate is a special focus designated file, so a family at any stage may be approved for his adoption. We can also connect you with individuals from previous Storyteller Mission trips who have met him.  

Please inquire with our staff to learn more. We hope that you will join us in praying that he will soon have a family of his very own.



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