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A Child is Waiting

Over the years, it has been a joy and privilege for America World Adoption to help find families for children considered hard to place, through our Waiting Children programs. Waiting children are orphans who have been identified as ready and available to be placed in loving homes due to an assortment of reasons. These reasons might include the fact that they are considered an older child, or are that they are diagnosed with a medical or developmental condition.


You can can quick access to over 90 children from China, India and Ethiopia who are waiting for a family.  The Waiting Children pages provide some details about each child so you can prayerfully consider becoming a part of their story by adopting, or by being a storyteller to share their stories with others.

Over this Labor Day weekend, Be A Storyteller and make a difference if the lives of orphans who need you to be their voice.  You can make a difference!

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