A Change of Plans: The Schrader Family’s Story
April 11, 2013

Adam Family

Like many families who begin the adoption process through China, the Schrader family originally began their journey seeking to adopt a healthy infant when they first started their process in 2007.  At that time, the Schrader family had 2 children, but dreamed about adding a baby girl to their family through adoption. The Schraders would like to share a brief testimony of what happened in their process and their video of their adoption story. 

“We began our adoption process in 2007. Five years later and after having a third baby, we were still waiting. After much prayer and consideration, we realized an older child would be a perfect fit for our growing family and made the decision to switch to China’s Waiting Children Program with America World. We were soon matched with our daughter Mia (age 7) and we brought her home this past November. Our daughter, Mia, is full of joy and laughter, and we can’t imagine life now without her. Please watch our family’s story through the video below.  We also invite you to learn more about our story through our blog.

Adoption Video - 2012 from Adam Schrader on Vimeo.

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