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5 Reasons to Go on a Storyteller Missions Trip:

Storyteller Missions Africa
We all have reasons for NOT going on a mission trip. Many of our reasons may be legitimate: it’s too expensive, I can’t leave my family, will I really make a difference?  But what about the legitimate reasons FOR going on a mission trip?

Having heard from hundreds of Storyteller Missions participants over the years, we've compiled just a few reasons why you should seriously consider going:

  1. Give Hope - this one may seem obvious, but stepping into the stories of orphans who feel like their only purpose is to simply exist can provide them with hope and love that they may not get otherwise. As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ you can truly give hope.
  2. Experience Something Bigger Than Self - most of our lives are fast-paced and focus on our next task at hand. Our culture reminds us that we should strive for more–bigger and better. A Storyteller Missions trip quickly puts our lives into perspective and allows us to see that our lives have a much bigger purpose than ourselves.
  3. Define Purpose - “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a common question for our children. Having a purpose in life is important but often life takes over and God's purpose for our lives gets buried in the day-to-day tasks. A Storyteller Missions trip can help to rearrange our priority list and can help us redefine our ultimate purpose.
  4. Encourage Others - an orphanage needs consistent resources and dedicated childcare workers to care for its children–changing diapers, providing meals, cleaning, medical care, etc. Typically, orphanage workers are few and demands are high. Mission trip participants can be a tremendous encouragement to orphanage workers who can be overwhelmed with daily demands.
  5. Change A Life - we encourage Christ followers to “Be A Storyteller” by getting to know orphans, hearing their stories, and bringing those stories home to share with others. This can bring eternal life-change through adoption into a Christ-centered family. And many of our Storyteller Missions teams would admit that the life that is most changed is their own.

So with all of the reasons we can easily come up with for NOT going on a Storyteller Missions trip, what about the reason FOR going on a trip? There are lots of ways to fundraise for a mission trip, so talk to a friend (or a group of friends!) and plan to take the trip of a lifetime…


Be A Storyteller in 2015!


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