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4-year-old Jayce is waiting for his forever family

Jayce is a precious 4-year old little boy who is described by his caretakers as “active, cute, sensible, and smart!”  He gets along well with both children and nannies, and he watches carefully, always looking for ways to help.  Even as a toddler, when the nanny would come to clear away diapers, he would help her, and he always cleans up and puts toys back in their place after the children play.  Jayce has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and PKU.  Though he is on a special diet, his development, activity level, and self-care are noted to be right on track for his age and he appears to be a very active, intelligent, and helpful little boy!  Jayce can ride a bike, string beads, build blocks, and feed, dress, and use the restroom himself.  He communicates clearly with adults and expresses himself well, using full sentences.  In Kindergarten, he is able to count, sing children’s songs, recite poems, identify parts of the body, and march in line!  His teachers describe him as very clever and cooperative.

A Loving Ambassador Team recently got to spend time with Jayce in November 2019, and they described him as very easy going and content.  He enjoyed doing activities with them and absolutely loves bubbles!  The team observed his precious before-meal routine, where he lined up patiently waiting his turn and holding the shirt of the child in front of him and then recited a sweet prayer before eating.  The doctor who examined Jayce noted that his file indicates a cardiac murmur but also an echocardiogram that was reported as normal.  No cardiac murmur was apparent on exam, and he was noted to be a precious child who is playful and active.  Please help us find a home for this sweet, adorable little boy who is brimming with so much potential!

Please take a few minutes to consider how God would have you be a part of helping this precious child, whether that is through prayingadvocating, or inquiring to learn more.

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Jayce or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.

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