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pray for orphans

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day 20

America World’s goal is to make sure that orphaned children get the opportunity for a better life. We not only help provide shelter, food, education, and medical care to orphaned children around the world but most importantly, we help them get adopted into loving families. This year 100 children have already come home.

As we enter the Season of Hope we are once again entering into a 21-day time of prayer and fasting. Each day has a special scripture focus as well as a devotional written by America World adoptive mom, Cheri Strange. Enjoy Day 20 below, and please continue to join us each day for a time of prayer and devotion as we focus on meeting the needs of children worldwide.

Day 20 of 21 • This day’s reading

One life lived out of faith can have immeasurable impact. It’s not the strongest, the fiercest or the one with the most resources who succeeds in God’s economy. It’s not even the successful or the ones who survive that are the most notable. How do we become a member of that faith society? The answer can be summed up in the words penned in the front pages of Bob Pierce’s Bible.

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