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pray for orphans

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day 14

America World’s goal is to make sure that orphaned children get the opportunity for a better life. We not only help provide shelter, food, education, and medical care to orphaned children around the world but most importantly, we help them get adopted into loving families. This year 100 children have already come home.

As we enter the Season of Hope we are once again entering into a 21-day time of prayer and fasting. Each day has a special scripture focus as well as a devotional written by America World adoptive mom, Cheri Strange. Enjoy Day 14 below, and please continue to join us each day for a time of prayer and devotion as we focus on meeting the needs of children worldwide.

Day 14 of 21 • This day’s reading

Sometimes great impacts are made by small actions. A secular theory might call this the Butterfly Effect, which says small changes in a state can lead to extreme variation in the state of other things. For instance, if a butterfly should flap its wings, this motion could set off a chain reaction leading to a tsunami somewhere. Christians can get behind the sentiment, but we call it God’s Providence.

Constantine certainly believed it. October 27, 312 A.D., found him struggling to lay claim to the Roman throne against a strong opponent named Maxentius. On this particular day, he and his army looked up and saw a cross of light in the sky with an inscription saying, “In this sign, you shall conquer.” He and his men believed it was a sign from God, and conquer, they did. Constantine converted to Christianity, became the next Roman Emperor, and Christianity was no longer persecuted but began to spread and flourish.

Recently experts have located the Sirente crater, about 100 km from where Constantine’s troops were stationed for battle that night. Who knew that a meteor impact, timed precisely where and when he could see it, would have such a world-changing effect? Viola! Our butterfly!

Another great impact resulted from a seemingly small action when two parents decided to hide a baby boy against the King’s orders. Amram and Jochabed chose to steal their son away to keep him alive against the law of Pharaoh. Why? Simply because when they looked at him, they saw “a fine child.” They didn’t get a meteor in the sky. No visions or prophetic announcements. Just a sense something was different.

It seems so insignificant, when you look at the details. These parents were slaves. It was just three months of keeping a baby quiet. Right? What could it even matter?

Their obedience in the short run of what may have appeared meaningless was like the wind ripple from the wings of a butterfly.

Yes, God uses the small, seemingly insignificant aspects of life so often to make a greater impact when we are responsive to His nudgings. When you and I are floundering in insignificance, we must remember it’s right where God planted us.

Maybe we’re looking for tsunamis when we should take note of our butterfly opportunities. 

May God use your influence, abilities, and your resources in the small stuff right where you are.

This 21-day devotional is also available as a Plan on YouVersion. Follow along on your mobile device each day by searching “What if You Were the Plan?”

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