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pray for orphans

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day 11

America World’s goal is to make sure that orphaned children get the opportunity for a better life. We not only help provide shelter, food, education, and medical care to orphaned children around the world but most importantly, we help them get adopted into loving families. This year 100 children have already come home.

As we enter the Season of Hope we are once again entering into a 21-day time of prayer and fasting. Each day has a special scripture focus as well as a devotional written by America World adoptive mom, Cheri Strange. Enjoy Day 11 below, and please continue to join us each day for a time of prayer and devotion as we focus on meeting the needs of children worldwide.

Day 11 of 21 • This day’s reading

Our Ethiopian children were older when they were adopted enabling them to be familiar with the culture, the language, the climate, and the unique spices. These children have developed a strong sense of family and are well adapted to the American way of life. But preparing their traditional foods with those familiar smells brings great comfort.

My oldest daughter longs for Ethiopia. But it’s different now. It’s not a homesickness. Her desire is to give of herself what she now understands is needed. She’s looking to be part of the plan in the ways God has gifted her.

Yes, God has set longings within His people that stir us toward holy discontent. Everything is not right in the world. It wasn’t in the days of Abraham and Sarah any more than it is today. That’s why the writer of Hebrews calls us to faith in action.

Sabrina is not like our friend Lindsey, who was looking into adoption as participating in God’s plan. Instead, this woman simply saw a need and faithfully walked through the open doors that enabled her to serve. Then she watched God be God.

The opportunity was working with the Ethiopia City Kids program and One Orphan. Sabrina and her team went into Addis Abba to help provide basic necessities, like oil and flour to widows and other women and children in need. They went into homes built with nothing but sticks and mud. The need far exceeded their resources. Somehow God multiplied the supplies, and they had enough donations left over for a washer, a dryer, sewing machine, and stove!

Sabrina recognized a need covering the globe and exhibited the faith for God to use her.

According to UN sources, there are an estimated 150 million street children worldwide. If you’ve done any amount of traveling, you have seen the phenomenon. Children beg for money, sell whatever they can, or look for scraps to eat. Some are seeking refuge during the day. Others are permanent residents. Tourists find this offensive, when really, it should break our hearts.

God hasn’t ceased being God in the middle of colossal distresses. There are things you and I can do to live out the Gospel in a hurting world.

No. It’s not all going to be right until heaven. But we can move out of complacency to ask God how He wants to be God through us today.

This 21-day devotional is also available as a Plan on YouVersion. Follow along on your mobile device each day by searching “What if You Were the Plan?”

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