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2 Simple Things You Can Do To Save the Tax Credit

2 Simple Things You Can Do To Save the Tax Credit

$13,570.  That is the amount of money adoptive families receive in 2017 through the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.  A BIG help to those who want to grow their families through adoption!

American families are worried about a new legislative proposal to eliminate the adoption tax credit, which would raise the cost of adoption. And even with the existing adoption credit, many families cannot benefit unless the credit is made refundable.

Join us by acting now to protect America’s families and improve, not remove, this path to family for children. Contact Congress today and do two things.

  • Send a Video (it's easier than you think!)
  • Ask your Members of Congress to protect the tax credit in any tax reform proposal and to support legislation that makes the tax credit refundable (S. 937 in the Senate, H.R. 2476 in the House).

Visit Save the Adoption Tax Credit for the details.  You can make a difference by taking a few minutes of your time!

To find your U.S. Senators visit:

To find your U.S. Representative visit:

View a sample script and email.

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