About Ecuador's Waiting Child Program

Most children eligible for international adoption in Ecuador are age 4 or older. Children under age 4 will have moderate to severe medical needs or will be a part of a sibling group with older children.  

Children from Ecuador may be orphaned due to poverty, disease, family dynamics, or other issues. Ecuador follows the best practices and standards according to the Hague international adoption guidelines, to try to reunite the child with their biological family if at all possible, and when this is not possible, to seek a domestic and then international adoptive family. 

Ecuadorian law gives preference of adoption to Ecuadorian nationals living in Ecuador. Intercountry adoptions involve children with medical needs and/or children older than four years of age and/or groups of siblings who have not been able to be placed with local families. 

The Central Authority (MIES) prioritizes adoptions of children four or older, sibling groups, and children with medical/special needs. Children in Ecuador are cared for in both government and private orphanages. The quality of care may vary; however, all children receive education, nutrition, and medical care.  

Explanation of Child’s Status

Under Review: These children’s files are under review by a family.
Matched Children: We have a forever family!
Available: These children's files are on Ecuador's shared list of children available and are viewable by multiple agencies.*

*Due to the number of waiting children available, not all children who are currently eligible for adoption through the Ecuador program will be listed on the site. 

In order to obtain the password, please submit a request, and the password will be emailed to you. Families with inquiries on a specific waiting child listed on the site should email