Oliver's Profile

  • Name :Oliver
  • Age:7 years, 3 months
  • Gender:Male
  • Country:China
  • Status:Available

Oliver's Special Needs

  • Other

Oliver is a brave and tender-hearted 7-year-old boy in need of a forever family. Oliver has grown a special bond with his English teacher at the center and she is advocating for his adoption. She has known him for three years and these are her own words for describing Oliver:

“He is gentle, loves to learn, always tries his best and is joyful when he feels loved. He interacts well with other kids and has almost no challenging behaviors. He is one of my best students, he can communicate in ASL and can speak some English. He just really needs a family that accepts him, is gentle with him and sensitive to his needs. Please, if you know of someone who is thinking about adopting an older boy, please help me advocate for him.”

We have learned that Oliver is a joyful boy who loves to play outside and connect with others. His favorite color is yellow and favorite thing to eat is popcorn. He enjoys making jigsaw puzzles, can entertain himself for long periods of time and is learning the piano. He is sensitive and responds well to gentle instruction and care. He listens and obeys when given direction and would greatly benefit from the encouragement and loving support of a family.

In Oliver’s original file he was diagnosed with microcephaly and noted as having a scar on his leg from a surgical procedure. More recent updates show that he is a little unsteady, but he is still able to walk, jump and run on his own and seems to be developing well.

If you are interested in adding Oliver to your family the next step is to contact a family coordinator.
Please call (800) 429-3369 or Contact Us to learn more about Oliver.