Children with Down Syndrome

We want to introduce you to Down syndrome adoption & some of our waiting children with Down syndrome who need forever families. View our China adoption photo listings and our India adoption photo listings below. Our complete Waiting Child list is available to view on our Waiting Children pages with a password that can be requested to receive immediate access.


down syndrome adoptionMeet "Miley"
6 years old

Miley is described by her caregivers as passionate and positive with an outgoing personality. She also loves singing and dancing when her favorite tune comes on. Miley lives in a foster family, but part of her day she still joins the children at her orphanage for various activities. She can understand her nannies and her foster parents and can express her wants. She can often be found reciting children’s poems or learning new things. She is independent and can take care of many of the typical self-care and daily tasks of her daily life.

When she isn’t learning in her class, she enjoys running, playing, riding her bike, and playing ball.

If you are interested in learning more about little Miley, please reach out to our China team at

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Tyler"
6 years old

Tyler is an active little boy who is described by those who meet him as attentive and energetic. Some of his favorite activities include reading books, singing, and playing on a toy car. He also loves playing and being outside. His favorite TV programs are Tom and Jerry, Bottle Gourd Brothers and Pilgrimage to the West. He has a healthy, varied diet, is not a picky eater, and his favorite food is noodles.

He is in foster care and has been successful in his special education classes which he attends Monday through Saturday, every week. He has a positive attitude at school and always shows interest in new things. All his teachers and classmates enjoy him very much. He has made several close friends that he spends time with. He can hold writing tools in his hand, can follow lines on paper and is good at coloring. He can express his needs well.

He has good limb and mental development. He is able to walk completely on his own and can safely go up and down stairs without any assistance. He can perform all the daily motor functions on his own including; dressing, washing and feeding himself. He is very helpful to his caregivers by cleaning the table after a meal, folding clothes and keeping rooms in order.

If you are interested in learning more about little Tyler, please reach out to our China team at

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Lissa"
2 years 11 months old

Lissa is a precious little one still waiting for her family to find her! Adored by her caretakers, she is described as a curious and happy little girl, who loves to eat! When she first arrived at her orphanage, she was small and weak. Intrigued by her surroundings she would observe the nannies and other children playing, smiling when teased or tickled. Over time, she has learned to trust the nannies and has become more and more adventurous, seeking out attention and interaction with her nannies and playing with the other children.

She still loves to be tickled, held, and kissed, loves colorful toys that make sounds and likes to listen and dance to music. Lissa will make eye contact and is said to be very cheerful! She is attentive when learning something new and will actively try to learn new things. Diagnosed with Down Syndrome and nystagmus of both eyes, compared to her peers her growth and development have been delayed; however, with rehabilitation training, she is able to crawl, sit independently, grasp objects, and is making good progress as she continues to grow and develop.

The origin of Lissa’s name, given to her by her caretakers, means ‘hope she will obtain love and be cherished.’ This little one, so clearly adored, is waiting for a family to find her who will love and cherish her delightful and adventurous little spirit! Her file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks, and we are also able to connect interested families with individuals who have visited her orphanage and were able to meet her during their visit in November 2016! If you are interested in learning more about little Lissa, please reach out to our China team at

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Sammy"
4 years 8 months old

This adorable little guy is an active one, who is fond of playing with his toys and who often smiles spontaneously! An updated assessment of Sammy in November 2016 stated that he appears to have higher physical function than other 3 ½-year-old children with Down syndrome. He has good physical mobility but does appear to have delayed speech. The team who met Sammy felt that he would benefit from further therapeutic intervention, should he be able to gain access to it.

Sammy is described as silly and fun-loving and very ticklish! He is also very attentive to the younger children, and if they are in a crib, he will greet them and rub their heads to say hello. Although he is not very verbal yet, he will make ooo/ahhh or cooing sounds and single syllable sounds such as ma, ba, da, etc. He is social and very interactive. Sammy does well with gross motor skills and walks unassisted. It is noted that he has low muscle tone, and needs assistance to transition from sitting on the floor to standing. Sammy is able to scribble with a crayon or pen if he has some assistance, and it was noted that he enjoys eating cookies and congee. Sammy is diagnosed with Down syndrome and bilateral hip dysplasia.

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Garrett"
5 years old

Garret is a sweet little boy who has a contagious smile! He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Garret can follow simple instructions, say simple words such as dada, teacher, mama, and can stand while holding onto a support. He can crawl, walk with assistance, sit unsupported, and can self-feed using a spoon.

Please contact us at for more information!

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Cecilia"
4 years 1 month old

Cecilia is a precious little girl who loves to interact with others! She has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, polydactyly right hand, and Down syndrome. She has an extra finger on her right hand, but she can use her hand and fingers normally.

She had surgery for her heart defect (PDA) in May 2015. The team who met her in November 2016 noted that she loved being around the team members, is chatty, and very affectionate! She says simple words, can sit without support, and is trying to walk without support.

Please contact us at for more information!

down syndrome adoptionMeet "Lyvia"
3 years 11 months old

Lyvia is a precious girl with Down syndrome. She laughs loudly, gets excited when seeing milk, and likes to play with her caretakers. She can crawl, sit alone, and stand with support. She is described as introverted and quiet. She likes to listen to music and play with stuffed animals. Lyvia has also been diagnosed with dextrocardia, a congenital heart condition.

For more information and to review Lyvia’s complete file, please contact or call us at 800-429-3369. We’d love to share even more about this precious girl with you!