America World Adoption has suspended new applicants for the Kyrgyzstan international adoption programs until further notice. If you would like to consider other adoption options we would invite you to contact our staff to learn more or visit our Program pages for information about our China, India, or Haiti program.

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Timeframe for Kyrgyzstan Adoption: 18 - 24 months
Children Available in Kyrgyzstan: 24 months - 15 years
Parents Ages: At least 16 years older than adopted child
Marriage: Married & single women accepted
Estimated Expenses for Kyrgyzstan Adoption: $38,855 - $47,825
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Weight has Lifted, Hope has Come: Reflections from the Kyrgyzstan Medical Team

By America World | September 5, 2018

Greetings from a little boy with a handshake and big bright smile whom we called “The Politician”. Colors on the walls. Fun, vibrant and animated outdoor spaces and playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. Nannies who are eager to learn in order to take the best care of the children. Upon arrival at the third…

adoption benefits

Overcoming Adoption Costs

By America World | March 6, 2018

There are many reasons why people consider adoption but never move beyond the ‘thinking about it’ stage.  While not everyone is called to adopt (important to note), the cost of adoption should not be THE reason for not moving forward if God is leading you. Over 4,500 families have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, through America…

An Adoption Story: The Rowan Family’s Journey to Kyrgyzstan

By America World | February 22, 2018

The following was provided to America World from one of our Kyrgyzstan families, Daniel & Kelsey Rowan. Take a moment to read their story, which is not quite done yet. They expect to be home with their son in the spring. Here is their story: Kyrgyzstan, the Switzerland of Central Asia, will forever be etched…