India Adoption

Want to adopt from India?  America World is a Hague-accredited adoption agency in India and currently has children in India in need of forever families. Our experienced, caring India adoption team will provide personal attention to every detail of your adoption as we walk you through the entire procedure to adopt a child in India. America World has grown to be one of India's most respected adoption agencies. If you would like more information about the India adoption process, continue reading below to learn about India adoption requirements, the cost of child adoption in India, and more.

Waiting Children Available for Adoption: Children with minor to moderate medical needs of any age or healthy children or sibling sets over the age of six. Per the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), India’s international adoption authority, healthy children under the age of six are not available for adoption to foreign families. While OCI and NRI clients…

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Timeline:18 - 24 months
Heathy & Waiting Children:Boys/Girls, 6 months - 15 years
Parents Ages:27 - 55
Marriage:2 years
Travel:2 weeks in India
Estimated Costs:$35,033 - $49,343
Wish You Could See Her Today Nick Akin

“Wish You Could See Her Today”

By Debby DeRosa | May 13, 2024

Interview with Julie Akin, America World adoptive mom If you follow our Facebook or Instagram pages, you may have seen the beautiful music video of “Wish You Could See Her Today” we shared on Saturday for Birth Mother’s Day. The song was written by Nick Akin, one of our adoptive dads, to honor his daughter’s…

A Beautiful Story of Surrender - Adopting a Boy from India

A Beautiful Story of Surrender

By Debby DeRosa | April 16, 2024

By Kylee Leonard, America World Adoptive Mom My husband, Andrew, and I both wanted to adopt before we got married. I watched my youth pastor and his wife adopt their daughter from the Congo and knew that I wanted to do that someday. Plus, we both love the picture of the Gospel that adoption is:…

Say Yes to Adoption Afraid

Say “Yes” Afraid

By Debby DeRosa | February 20, 2024

When we tell adoption stories, we have the luxury of showing how wonderfully everything worked out — after it has all worked out. But the decision to adopt can take a true leap of faith in the beginning. This was definitely the case for Cameron and Brooke Amigo, who adopted their son, Samuel, from India…