Haiti Adoption Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Child From Haiti?

The total cost breakdown below includes all aspects of the adoption process from Haiti—from application fee at the beginning, to post-adoption visit travel fees.  America World wants to be sure you know what your true adoption costs are likely to be from the beginning, with no surprises or hidden fees. Although our to cost breakdown may appear to be higher than some others, we provide an all-inclusive breakdown including home study costs and all travel costs (all airfare, hotel, visas, passports, etc.) and want to answer the question all adoptive parents have, "How much does it cost to adopt a child from Haiti?". If you have questions, please contact us at Info@awaa.org or 800-429-3369.

Application Fee $295
IAAME Monitoring & Oversight Fee (State Department) $500
Home Study (varies by state) $1,200 - $2,600
Home Study Visit Travel Fees 
(includes mileage based on current federal mileage rates)
 $0 - $200
First Installment of Program Fee (1/3) $2,500
Adoptive Parent Training (2 adults) $140 - $200
Psychological Evaluation $0 - $1,500
USCIS Application Fee, Update Fee, & Fingerprinting $945
Documents/Background Checks
(varies by state and number of states previously lived in)
$100 - $300
Second Installment of Program Fee (2/3) $2,500
Post-Adoption Deposit
(1 child, fully refundable if all post-adoption reports are returned on time)
Dossier Translation & Service Fee $1,500
First Installment of International Program Fee (per child) $4,000
Courier Fee $250
Adopting an Older Child - Online Training
(2 adults. Required for families adopting children age 4+)
Second Installment of International Program Fee (per child; due upon accepting referral) $8,000
Referral Translation Fee (per child) $450
International Specialist Consultation $100 - $400 
Third Installment of Program Fee (3/3) $2,500
Third Installment of International Program Fee (per child) $3,500
Post-Adoption Administrative Fee $1,200
Embassy Medical, Visa & Travel Authorization TBD $825 - $1200
TOTAL (Does not include a refundable post-adoption deposit.)   $29,550 - $33,190
Trip 1: Airfare (2 adults; prices vary by season and location) $1,200 - $1,800
Trip 1, Mandatory 14 Day Bonding Trip: In-Country Travel
2 adults; includes housing accommodations, tour guides/translators, transportation, etc
$2,500 - $3,500
Trip 2: Airfare (2 adults) $1,200 - $1,800
Trip 2: In-Country Travel (2 adults) $1,000 - $1,800
Airfare (1 child) $450 - $1,000
Post-Adoption Report Payments (varies by state) $1,200 - $2,000
Post-Adoption Visit Travel Fees (based on current federal mileage rates) $0 - $600
Post-Adoption Report Refund
(refunded in installments, as, and only if, each report is returned on time)
Other Costs
(includes doctor visits and related co-pays, social security card, passport costs, postage, etc.)
$100 - $1,000
Re-Adoption (highly recommended; state dependent) $0 - $1,500

 Fees are based on an average amount required. Certain fees may be subject to change without notice. All costs are estimated for the placement of one child. Please contact our office for estimates for multiple child placements.

How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Total Adoption Cost

Perhaps the #1 reason why families who are called to adopt don't do so is the cost. While it may seem prohibitive, America World families have seen their total out-of-pocket adoption costs reduced greatly through adoption grants, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, employee adoption benefits, fundraisers, and more.

Be sure to visit our Financing Adoption page to learn how to reduce or eliminate your adoption expenses!

NOTE:  Fees listed above in italics are paid to a third party; all other fees are paid to AWAA