Haiti Adoption

America World's Haiti program is open to new families. We have dossier submission opportunities available immediately.

Haiti continues to have a great need for families to adopt children who have been orphaned due to poverty and natural disasters. The America World Haiti team has assisted families across the country in growing their families through Haiti adoption.  Learn more about how to begin the Haiti adoption process on the pages that follow. After filling out an application, receiving approval through America World’s intake process, and signing an Agreement with America World, prospective adoptive parents initiate what we call the…

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Timeframe: 24 - 48 months
Healthy & Waiting Children: 0 - 15 years
Parents Ages: 30 - 50; Single women, 35 - 50
Marriage: 5 years
Estimate Expenses: $25,525 - $34,585 + travel & post adoption
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adoption webinar

How to Adopt: Free Information Webinars

By America World Adoption | April 17, 2018

So you want to adopt, but don’t know where to start? How do you choose what type of adoption–domestic, international, or even foster care? Adopt from China or India? How much does it cost to adopt? How long does it take to adopt? If you are asking these questions we would like to invite you…

Adoption Webinars

You Are Invited: 3 Free Adoption Webinars

By America World Adoption | April 7, 2018

America World is offering 3 different informational adoption webinars this month and you are invited to join us! If you would like details about adopting from China or India, our staff will walk you through the process—from application to post-adoption. Both webinars are free but attendance is limited so reserve your spot before they are…

haiti adoption

Welcome Home from Haiti, Burk Family

By America World Adoption | April 6, 2018

The America World Haiti adoption team shared some great news that we want to share with all of you. The Burk family is home from Haiti with their beautiful daughter! Congratulations to the Burk family as they begin to settle in as a new family together. Right now there are children in Haiti who are…