On January 9, 2018 the Ethiopian government made the decision to ban international adoption from Ethiopia. Unfortunately, this country that is about twice the size of Texas has an estimated 4.3 million orphans. The children are primarily orphaned due to poverty, and live in both government-run and privately established orphanages. The need is great in Ethiopia.  There are many children in…

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Requirements At-A-Glance

Timeline: 48 - 60 months & increasing
Waiting Children Age: Boys/Girls, 6 months - 12 years
Parents Ages: 30 - 50
Marriage: 1 yr. at application; 2 yrs. at referral
Estimated Expenses: $30,530 - $40,340
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Kids Can Help Too! An Inspiring Story of 2 Girls Who Made an Impact

By America World | November 19, 2019

In June of this year, two Washington state girls wanted to make a difference. They decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for America World’s impact projects in Ethiopia. Their one-day-only business raised $50! These sweet girls inspired many that day and additional donations came in to support America World’s Ethiopia initiatives.…

Ethiopia Heritage Trip

Ethiopia Heritage Trips Now Offered through One Orphan Missions

By America World | October 15, 2019

America World is pleased to offer our second annual Ethiopia Heritage Trip! This trip is geared specifically toward families who have adopted children from Ethiopia.  This unique trip will combine heritage activities/excursions and service opportunities. Parents and their children will have the opportunity to work with several orphanages and our transitional home Bete Hosanna. Our…

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Ethiopia Update: Mission Director & Family at Bete Hosanna

By America World | July 9, 2019

It’s a surreal thing to be here in Ethiopia this month. I’m blessed to represent America World missions on-site for about three weeks this summer. We recently opened Bete Hosanna, a transitional home for girls aging out of the government orphanage system. It’s surreal because this time, my family joined me. We have four children,…

Ethiopia Referral Announcement!

Exciting news from Ethiopia this week! Another precious child was matched with their forever family.Congratulations to “Sierra” and her adoptive family!#BeAStoryteller for children like "Sierra"