How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Child From Ecuador? 

The total cost breakdown below includes all aspects of the Ecuador adoption fees—from the application fee at the beginning, to home study, and all travel costs, to post-adoption visit travel fees. 

America World wants to be sure you know what your  true adoption costs  are likely to be from the beginning, with no surprises or hidden fees.  Click here to access the full fee sheet.

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Total Estimated Fees
(not including optional/as-needed expenses) 
 AWAA/US Expenses  $9,630 - $10,210
 Foreign Country Program Expenses  $14,250
 Social Services  $6,700 - $9,000
 Translation/Document Expenses  $1,250 - $2,400 
 Travel/Accommodation Expenses  $3,800 - $10,300 
 Third Party Expenses  $1,440 - $2,005 
 Total Estimated Expenses  $38,070 - $48,850