Waiting Children Available for Adoption: 

Most children eligible for international adoption are age 4 or older. Children under age 4 will have moderate to severe medical needs or will be a part of a sibling group with older children.  Click here to request a password to view a protected site with waiting child listings. 


Children from Ecuador may be orphaned due to poverty, disease, family dynamics, or other issues. Ecuador follows the best practices and standards according to the Hague international adoption guidelines, to try to reunite the child with their biological family if at all possible, and when this is not possible, to seek a domestic and then international adoptive family. 

Ecuadorian law gives preference of adoption to Ecuadorian nationals living in Ecuador. Intercountry adoptions involve children with medical needs and/or children older than four years of age and/or groups of siblings who have not been able to be placed with local families. 

The Central Authority (MIES) prioritizes adoptions of children four or older, sibling groups, and children with medical/special needs.  

Children in Ecuador are cared for in both government and private orphanages. The quality of care may vary; however, all children receive education, nutrition and medical care.  

America World has over 25 years of experience assisting families in adopting from countries throughout the world. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff welcomes the opportunity to partner with you for your adoption from Ecuador. 

Ecuador Adoption Process 

Ecuador’s international adoption process is done in accordance with Hague Convention guidelines on intercountry adoption of children. 

After being accepted into the Ecuador Program, families are assigned a Family Coordinator, who becomes their main point of contact for the duration of the adoption process. With the help of the Family Coordinator, prospective adoptive parents begin collecting documents for the “dossier,” which is a compilation of paperwork that will be sent to Ecuador to demonstrate that the parents are qualified to adopt. During the home study process, which is part of compiling the dossier, the social worker visits the family’s home and the family completes training and preparation to show they are prepared to parent an adopted child. Families will discuss their child requests and if they are open to medical needs or adopting older children. America World has many training resources to assist families with this process.  

Once the home study is approved, it is submitted along with an immigration application, to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for initial approval.  Families open to a sibling group, older children, or children with more significant medical needs could also be matched with a child from a waiting child list upon approval of the home study. More often matches occur after the dossier has been submitted. The wait time to review a referral will depend on a family’s child requests and the children who are available for adoption. 

After a family receives their approval form from USCIS and completes their dossier, it is then submitted to America World who will translate it into Spanish before submitting it to the Central Authority (MIES) in Ecuador. Once the dossier is approved by MIES, the Family Assignment Committee in Ecuador will match a family with a child, if they have not already received a match through the waiting child list.  

After receiving a referral, a family will review the file with medical professionals, international specialists, and their social worker. If a family accepts the referral, America World will assist the family in completing the necessary paperwork.  

After approvals have occurred, America World’s staff will coordinate travel logistics, including air and ground transportation, lodging, and some meals. Families traveling to Ecuador will be assisted by one of America World’s in-country representatives.  

Families will typically be in Ecuador 6-8 weeks, but this can vary case by case. For married couples, both parents must travel to Ecuador and be present during portions of the adoption process with at least one parent required to stay for the entire duration of the trip. 

This timeframe in country includes traveling to the city where the child currently resides, as well as working with various government offices in Ecuador to complete the country’s required bonding timeframe, court process, child’s immigration medical exam, and processing the child’s birth certificate, passport, and visa. This time spent in Ecuador allows families to have a rich, hands-on cultural experience, being immersed in both the language and beauty of the culture. 


Post Adoption Process 


Upon returning home, Ecuador requires post-adoption visits by a social worker with reports occurring at 4, 8, 12, 18 and 24 months. America World requires a one-month self-report and certain states may require an additional visit/report(s) per state requirements, during the post adoption period. America World's post-adoption department will assist families with adjusting to life with their new child as well as understanding the post-adoption report requirements. Staff will also walk families through the processes of obtaining their child’s social security card, a state birth certificate, and completing the re-adoption process in their state, as well as any other post adoption related processes.  

The post-adoption department will support a family for years after the adoption is completed and is always available to help families by providing resources, support, and training. 


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