America World is a  Hague-accredited adoption agency and recently became accredited in Ecuador. America World is highly respected in the adoption community and our Ecuador adoption team is ready to walk your family through the entire process as you begin your journey of adopting from Ecuador. Learn more about how to adopt from Ecuador below. 

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Ecuador Adoption Timeline: 2 years to finalization 
Children Ages for Ecuador Adoption:Boys/Girls/Siblings, 4 years and older
Parents' Ages for Ecuador Adoption:25 - 51
Marriage Requirements for Ecuador Adoption:3 years
Estimated Ecuador Adoption Expenses:$38,070 - $48,850
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Stories of Hope: Post Adoption Care

By Erica Ho | November 22, 2021

When we first returned home from India, we were so exhausted and in a dark place. We were homesick for our other three children, and our new daughter’s needs were far greater than we originally realized. America World’s Post Adoption Services were a shining light in our dark place. They listened to us without any judgment.…

Five Tips for Helping your Little Ones Navigate this Holiday Season

By Erica Ho | November 19, 2021

The holidays are quickly approaching and that can mean large gatherings with friends and family, and various holiday activities with unpredictable schedules. Whatever your family members’ comfort level this year with gathering, it’s likely to be slightly different from last year, and from years past, due to the pandemic. If you or your child has…

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New Webinar Series: The Seven Core Issues

By Erica Ho | November 3, 2021

It is an acknowledged reality that all adoption stories start with a crisis.  For a variety of reasons, there is the deconstructing of one family, and the constructing or reconstructing of another.  But what is the impact of this on the families?  The Seven Core Issues represent the patterns that have been identified over several…