Application Fee $250
Agreement (paid at the time you submit your signed agreement for services) $2,000
Home Study $2,000 + travel
Clearances for Home Study (varies by state) $120
Required On-Line Adoption Education Courses $70 - $100
Profile Books (3 books, created through an online photo service) $90
Approval/Pool (paid once home study and family profile books are completed and you officially enter the pool of families shown to birth parents for placement consideration) $4,000
Placement Agreement (paid at the time the child is legally free for adoption and in your care. If placement is a sibling set or multiples, the fee increases to $20,000) $14,000
ICPC Fee (if family resides in a different state than the expectant mom) $1,000
Post Placement - based on Virginia (due before consent is issued) - Paid at the end of the supervisory period when the finalization process begins $400/visit + travel; $450 court report
Medical Care for prenatal/delivery (passed through to adoptive parents) - See medical care section of the program page for explanation of medical costs $0 - $10,000 (if C-section)
Finalization of Adoption - Virginia (varies by attorney) $1,200


$25,430 - $36,460
Interstate Travel for Placement (if you reside outside of Virginia) - Airfare, hotel, rental car and meals until Interstate Compact approval to return to adoptive parents' home state with the child, usually 7-10 days

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NOTE:  Fees listed above in italics are paid to a third party; all other fees are paid to AWAA

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