The America World domestic program is currently closed to all applicants.

The choices involved in domestic adoption can be overwhelming to adoptive parents. You feel called to grow your family through adoption but may not know where to start. Our experienced staff can help you figure out the best route to adoption for your family. We work in counseling with pregnant women who are considering an adoption plan for their child. We offer a full-service program for parents to adopt…

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Timeframe: Immediate to 2+ years, depending on situation
Children Available: Newborn to 12 months
Parents Ages: 25 - 43 years
Marriage: 2 years
Estimated Expenses: $25,430 - $36,460
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Advocate Today: “Christopher” Needs a Family

By Josh Miller | May 24, 2016

There is a child currently living in the United States who was adopted from Brazil and needs a loving, attentive family with a heart for healing children. This would be a domestic private adoption between his current adoptive family and a new adoptive family. “Christopher†is a sweet and kind boy, born in July 2004,…

Baby Supplies Needed!

By Josh Miller | April 22, 2016

America World's Domestic Adoption program is in need of donated baby items! We need to have items on hand for when we have a baby in temporary cradle care, when a new mom or new adoptive family needs something, or to help support a birth mom. We are also in need of gift cards for…

Birthmother Counseling: A Free Service from America World Adoption

By Josh Miller | April 30, 2015

What kind of help do unexpectedly pregnant women need? How does America World meet their needs? We'd like to offer more insight into the services we provide to birthparents.  Initially, an unexpectedly pregnant woman needs to have a source of support; a friend who will listen to her talk about her fears and the anxiety…