America World is a Hague-accredited China adoption agency and has seen thousands of families travel to China to bring their children home. While in-country, our experienced guides provide have navigated the adoption process for our families since 1994, allowing America World families to focus on their children. Learn more about how to begin your Chinese adoption below. With over 4,600 children placed into forever families with the help of a staff of caring, loving professionals, America World's experience in…

Waiting Children in China

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China Adoption Timeline: 12 - 24 months average for waiting children
Children Ages for China Adoption: Boys/Girls, 8 months - 13 ½ years
Parents' Ages for China Adoption: 30 - 50* (* if both over 50, youngest parent no more than 50 yrs. older than child)
Marriage Requirements for China Adoption: 2 years (5 years if divorced); single women accepted
Estimated China Adoption Expenses: $31,000 - $45,000
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a blessed journey

A Blessed Journey

By Debby DeRosa | January 26, 2024

On Orphan Sunday in 2016, Mike and Audrey Todd felt God tugging their hearts. Their church, Good Shepherd Church in Benton Ridge, OH, had invited an adoptive mom to speak at the service about the orphan crisis worldwide, and the Todds wanted to do something about it. They had always loved children; they had five…

Miracle Heart Surgery

Adopting a Child with Congenital Heart Defects: One Family’s Story

By Debby DeRosa | February 27, 2023

Over the years, America World has been honored to match children born with congenital heart defects with their forever families. As this month is American Heart Month, we’d like to share a beautiful story from one of our families who continues to wait to bring their son home from China. As you will read below,…

Giving Back

Knowing Someone Cares Makes All the Difference

By Debby DeRosa | February 23, 2023

by Kylie Sharp In 2006, my parents adopted me through America World from an orphanage in Guangdong Province, China. I now live in the United States with my parents and dog, Tia. I do not remember much before being adopted since I was one when it all happened, but I had the opportunity to take a…