America World is a Hague-accredited China adoption agency and has seen thousands of families travel to China to bring their children home. While in-country, our experienced guides provide have navigated the adoption process for our families since 1994, allowing America World families to focus on their children. Learn more about how to begin your Chinese adoption below. With over 4,600 children placed into forever families with the help of a staff of caring, loving professionals, America World's experience in…

Waiting Children in China

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China Adoption Timeline: 12 - 24 months average for waiting children
Children Ages for China Adoption: Boys/Girls, 8 months - 13 ½ years
Parents' Ages for China Adoption: 30 - 50* (* if both over 50, youngest parent no more than 50 yrs. older than child)
Marriage Requirements for China Adoption: 2 years (5 years if divorced); single women accepted
Estimated China Adoption Expenses: $31,000 - $45,000
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Olivia and Kira: Then and Now

By Erica Ho | July 27, 2021

America World has been assisting families with their adoption processes for more than 25 years. This means that we have gotten to see a lot of beautiful kiddos grow into adults. We love nothing more than receiving little cards, emails and picture updates. Watching these precious humans grow is one of our greatest privileges. Here’s…

Chance Encounter Featured on CNN

By Erica Ho | April 29, 2021

Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki, both students at Liberty University, were sitting on a bus together when they struck up a conversation. What began as small talk quickly escalated when they discovered they both entered their families through adoption. One thing led to another, pictures were shared and suddenly the girls recognized themselves in each other’s…

When Great Walls and Fog Enter Your Life 

By Erica Ho | March 25, 2021

Fog. It can be breathtaking in the right setting creating mystery, illusion, and wonder. Other times it can be so heavy that it quickly appears, blinds you, and in an instant becomes an imminent danger. Fog. One minute it is there, then just as quickly, it can disappear. This was our experience in China a…