America World is a China adoption agency and has seen thousands of families travel to China to bring their children home. While in-country, our experienced guides provide have navigated the adoption process for our families since 1994, allowing America World families to focus on their child. Learn more about how to begin your Chinese adoption below. With over 4,600 children placed into forever families with the help of a staff of caring, loving professionals, America World's experience in…

Waiting Children in China

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China Adoption Timeline: 12 - 24 months average for waiting children
Children Ages for China Adoption: Boys/Girls, 8 months - 13 ½ years
Parents' Ages for China Adoption: 30 - 50* (* if both over 50, youngest parent no more than 50 yrs. older than child)
Marriage Requirements for China Adoption: 2 years (5 years if divorced); single women accepted
Estimated China Adoption Expenses: $31,000 - $45,000
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Waiting Wednesday: Meet Wesley

By Erica Ho | September 29, 2020

5 year old Wesley is described as cute and playful. He gets along well with others and it is reported that “everyone likes him very much!” He greatly enjoys cuddling with his nannies. Though he is playful and energetic, he also really enjoys quiet times and is described as fairly introverted. His favorite time of…

Taking time to remember: Rosner Family Story

By Erica Ho | September 18, 2020

At America World, we always love when our families reach out and send an encouraging word and tell us how they are doing since they’ve come home. Last week was no exception as the Rosner family shared a quick sneak peek into what has been going on in their lives over the last year. Ethan’s…

Benny needs a forever family

By Erica Ho | September 16, 2020

Benny is a cute, 5-year-old little boy who loves to be cuddled. He is reported to be closest to his caregivers and to be a fairly quiet kiddo, but he especially enjoy toys that make noise!  His file notes that he has increased muscular tension and congenital delayed development, but updates haven’t been noted since…