A Child Waits… hero

A Child Waits…

Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to do something.

Could adoption be God's plan for your family?

Right now, America World has partner orphanages with children who are waiting for their forever families. There is a great need in China and India for families who are called to make just one of these children a son or a daughter.

Our China and India teams would love to answer your questions about the children who are currently waiting. Many of these children have some type of extra need, whether physical, emotional or mental, but many are minor/correctable needs. Families can specify exactly what type of needs they believe would work for their family situation.

We encourage you to visit the links below to learn more about our China and India adoption programs. There are currently many adoption grants available for families to apply as well as the Federal Adoption Tax Credit of over $13,000 to help with adoption costs.

Contact China or India teams at their respective emails:  China@awaa.org or India@awaa.org or call 800-429-3369.

Ready to start your adoption?  APPLY HERE

Not called to adopt? We invite you to join our orphan advocacy ministry, One Orphan.

One Orphan is mission trips to orphanages, fundraising for orphan initiatives, and so much more. Visit One Orphan or contact us today!

Children in China
Waiting for Families
Children in India
Waiting for Families