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Parenting a Child with a History of Sexual Trauma

This 1.5-hour instructor-led course will cover the following topics: Aware of the indicators of sexual abuse; recognize the impact of interrupted sexual development; aware of the unique challenges associated with parenting children who have been sexually abused; recognize the potential risk factors for children who have experienced sexual trauma including re-victimization, sexual trafficking, and re-enactment behaviors.  Understand that parents can learn and implement effective parenting strategies that can help keep children safe and help them heal from sexual trauma.

July 9, 2024      7:00 – 8:30 pm               Register Here

July 20, 2024    1:00 – 2:30 pm               Register Here

Mental Health Considerations

This 1 hour instructor-led course will cover the following topics: Have a basic understanding of mental health disorders and conditions that commonly occur in childhood; recognize that not all “survival” behaviors or symptoms of grief are connected with mental health disorders; know about commonly administered psychotropic medications; know how to obtain consistent, adequate and appropriate access to mental health services.


Trauma Related Behaviors

In this 2-hour course, learn how chaos, threat, neglect, and other adversity during development can alter the developing brain and that, in turn, can change the ways children think, feel and act.  Understand the major stress-responses we use to cope with perceived and actual threat.  Recognize the reasons and range of adaptive symptoms from inattention and distractibility to avoidance and shut-down; learn about reasons for rejection and testing; recognize survival skills and coping strategies that result in a complex range of behaviors.



Trauma Informed Parenting

This 2-hour instructor-led course will cover the following topics: Learn the three R’s – Regulate, Relate, Reason; be informed of practical Trauma-Informed Parenting strategies; be aware of trauma support resources for children; recognize the importance of finding activities to have fun with children; recognize the importance of connected parenting and the relationship as the foundational cornerstone; understand how to promote healthy behaviors; recognize the importance of parent’s self-regulation’ know how to be proactive versus reactive’ recognize the difference between discipline and punishment.  Trauma Related Behaviors is a pre-requisite for this course.



TBRI Introduction and Overview Recap

This hour-long session will provide prospective adoptive parents with an opportunity to review and process the information learned in the recorded training TBRI Introduction and Overview.  Prospective Adoptive parents should bring the participant guide that was completed during the recorded training for discussion and application.  TBRI Introduction and Overview is a pre-requisite for this course.