Live Webinars:

Adult Adoptee Support Group

Being Formed Now!

We often think of adoption as an event, but it also has lifelong effects on our relationships and identity—especially for the adult adoptee. As adopted children grow through their teen years and into adulthood, passing through significant events and milestones, the losses and differences associated with their adoption often become meaningful in different ways. New thoughts and feelings about adoption emerge and sometimes require new healing to the adult adoptee.

America World desires to stand by those who were once adopted and who are now grown (or growing) into adulthood.

The adult adoptee out there who would like to participate in a support group for adults who were adopted as children, we would love to hear from you. Our tentative plan is to offer a 6-session group led by one of our adoption competent ACT Coaches. The timing and scheduling of this group can hopefully be structured to meet the needs of the interested participants, and the cost would be $150.

If you are interested or have questions, please email for more information. We would love to hear from you!


Pre-Recorded Webinars:

Supporting Adoptive Families with Understanding and Wisdom

This 1½-hour course is designed for the support system of adoptive families including grandparents, friends, neighbors, the church community, and more. The course is broken into 5 sections that help you understand the experience of the child in adoption, the experience of the family, the nuances of the adoption adjustment, how you can help, and if needed, how you can provide respite care (care for the adopted child) in a wise and healthy way. 


Successful Parenting in Transracial and Transcultural Adoptions

This 1½-hour course is designed to help adoptive families successfully parent an adopted child who is of a different race or culture. Join us as we discuss topics such as identity formation and racism from a Christian worldview.


Please email if you have any questions.

Citizenship & Re-Adoption, Part 1

Join us to hear from adoption attorney, Karen S. Law, Esquire, as she addresses common questions about international adoption and citizenship.


Citizenship & Re-Adoption, Part 2

This is a follow-up session from adoption attorney, Karen S. Law, Esquire, as she addresses some additional questions about international adoption and citizenship.


By Appointment:

Referral Training Call

This is a meeting in which an ACT Team Member leads an individual adoptive family in a thorough discussion of their referred child’s social, medical, and psychological history.  They help the family to think through how this child and their family could fit together, their plans and expectations for travel and adjustment, and how they can best meet the needs of the child.  The Referral Training Call also covers what a family can expect when they first meet their child and how to spend those first few hours, days, and months together as they plan for a successful adjustment.  This service is free to families who are adopting through America World and available for a small fee to all other families.  For more information, email

Check back later for more training that America World and ACT is developing.  Additional training information can be found on our “Resources” page.