ACT Adoption Training

A Referral Training Call (RTC) is a free service of America World to our families who have been matched with a specific child.  ACT Team Members lead families in a thorough discussion of the child’s social, medical, and psychological history, and think through the family’s plans and expectations, and how they can best meet the needs of the child.  The Referral Training Call also covers what a family can expect when they first meet their child and spend those first few hours, days, and months together, and plan for a successful adjustment.

A Travel Call is another free service of America World that is provided  in the weeks leading up to your adoption trip.   Families participate in a conference call geared at fully preparing them for their travel, from what to take, who is meeting them at the airport, what guide and hotel accommodations to expect, and more.


Check back later for more trainings that AWAA is developing.  Additional training information can be found on our “Resources” page.