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Support Groups are often a key component of the adoptive family’s journey.  We know that it can be difficult to find people in your local community who share the same needs and desires when it comes to the level of adoption support you want.  That is why we have developed the group component of our ACT program—to bring together people from around the nation who “are in the same boat” so that you can learn, grow, and thrive together in your God-designed adoptive families, with the loving and professional support of our trained staff.

How Do Groups Gather and Connect?

Some of our groups are held by phone conference while others are held through video conference.  In either method, you call into or log onto, a specific and private area with a small group of other people.  This can be done from your own home or office on your phone, tablet, smartphone, or computer.  For video conferences, you will have the option to “share your webcam” so that others may see you, which facilitates more personal interaction using facial expressions and body language.  Video-conference participants show up on your screen in “Brady Bunch” fashion, so you get the benefit of interacting verbally and visually with each other.

What are the Fees for Groups?

Some of our groups are offered at no cost, while others require a small fee.  This fee may vary depending on the type of group but is typically about $25 / 1-hour group session.

Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions about Groups, or Contact Us for more information.

Currently Offered Groups


We often think of adoption as an event, but it also has lifelong effects on our relationships and identity—especially for the adult adoptee. As adopted children grow through their teen years and into adulthood, passing through significant events and milestones, the losses and differences associated with their adoption often become meaningful in different ways. New thoughts and feelings about adoption emerge and sometimes require new healing to the adult adoptee.

America World desires to stand by those who were once adopted and who are now grown (or growing) into adulthood.

The adult adoptee out there who would like to participate in a support group for adults who were adopted as children, we would love to hear from you. Our tentative plan is to offer a 6-session group led by one of our adoption-competent ACT Coaches. The timing and scheduling of this group can hopefully be structured to meet the needs of the interested participants, and the cost would be $150.

If you are interested or have questions, please email for more information. We would love to hear from you!


Date:  To Be Determined - Email if you are interested in this group, and once we have at least 3 families we will set up a specific start date/time to meet your needs
Description:  Many parents report difficult feelings following adoption as they strive to attain a “new normal” while working hard to bond with a child not born to them.  This group will help parents who are struggling like this to define and understand their feelings and find ways to take care of themselves while providing for all the needs of their newly adopted child.  Using a mix of education and supportive interaction to help normalize this adjustment, the eventual goal is to help parents attain full joy in the parent-child relationship.
Cost:  $25/session, (3 sessions minimum)


Where Am I From & Where Am I Going?

For:  Adopted children ages 10-14, and 14+ who what to connect with other adopted children their age
Date:  To Be Determined - Once we have at least 3 interested participants, a date/time will be determined. Email to get your name on the list.
Description:  Being a “tween” or teenager is tough, and it can be even harder when your life story is different from lots of your peers.  Having a biological family that is different than the family you live with, or perhaps looking different or being of a different race than your parents, can all lead to questions, especially as you figure out who you are and what you want to become.  Join other kids in the same situation from your computer, tablet, or phone to talk about these and other questions.
Cost:  $25/session (3 session minimum)


Anchored in Hope

For:  Parents of adopted children, or parents in the process of adopting
Date: To Be Determined - Email if you are interested in this group, and once we have at least 3 families we will set up a specific start date/time to meet your needs
Description:  Parents come together to ask questions, get support, and help each other, under professional staff guidance, in this weekly open group.  Each week will focus on common issues in adoption such as consequences for misbehaviors, irrational fears, struggles with bonding, sleeping issues, and more, based on questions submitted by group members or ACT leadership.  Each session will end in a time of prayer as we lift each other up, express our gratitude, and petition for strength and wisdom as we walk this path of adoptive parenting together.
Cost:  $25/session (3 session minimum)
RSVP Deadline:  Payment must be received 24 hours before the session (email

Email if you have a specific request for a group or class.