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Support Groups are often a key component of the adoptive family’s journey.  We know that it can be difficult to find people in your local community who share the same needs and desires when it comes to the level of adoption support you want.  That is why we have developed the group component of our ACT program – to bring together people from around the nation who “are in the same boat” so that you can learn, grow, and thrive together in your God-designed adoptive families, with the loving and professional support of our trained staff.

How Do Groups Gather and Connect?

Our support groups meet through videoconferencing.  You will be able to log in to a private meeting with a small group of other people led by an America World facilitator.  This can be done from your own home or office on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You have the ability to share your video so that the others in the group may see you.  This facilitates a more personal interaction using facial expressions and body language.

What are the Fees for Groups?

Some of our groups are offered at no cost, while others require a small fee.   This fee may vary, but is generally $25 for a 1-hour group session.  Some of our groups are ongoing, and some are educational groups which meet for a specific number of weeks.  For educational groups, the fees for the entire program are due at the time of registration.


Currently Offered Groups

Weekly Ongoing Open Support Group

Anchored in Hope

For: Parents of adopted children, or parents in the process of adopting

Date: 8pm EST on Wednesdays

Description: This is an open group that will open with a motivational or inspirational selection connected to adoption. Each attending family will be given an opportunity to share a little bit about where they are in their adoption journey. The session will close with a time of prayer. This is not a time for clinical support but for connection and encouragement.

Cost: This group is free of charge, however registration is required to allow for communication with participants.

Register Here

7 Core Issues in Adoption

For: Parents of adopted children, or parents in the process of adopting

Date: 8 consecutive weeks. Our current session is full, however, we will maintain a waiting list for our next session.

Description: Adoption is a beautiful, although complex, way of building a family. There are many circumstances and emotions that are experienced as bittersweet. This complexity can be understood by looking at the seven core issues in adoption – loss, rejection, shame/guilt, grief, identity, intimacy and mastery/control – that affect all members of the adoption constellation. Each of the first seven weeks will do a deep dive on one of the seven core issues. The final week will look at how search and reunion activities can trigger all seven of the issues.

Cost: Cost for this group is $200 for the eight-week program Please register below and make your payment here.

Additional groups will be offered in the near future!  Please email us at if you have a  specific request for a group or training topic!

Email if you have a specific request for a group or class.