Ongoing Adoption Training


The Adoptee's Brain: The Physical Impact of Early Trauma and Institutionalization

What happens to an adoptee's brain when exposed to early trauma and institutionalization? This 1.5-hour course will compare typical brain development to the brain development of children who experience hard situations early in their lives. These experiences will impact a child's ability to process sensory input, affecting their behavior, relationships, school performance, and many other areas of their life. Learn concrete strategies for mediating these impacts and knowing when and how to get professional help.


Aspects of Sexual Development and International Adoption

These courses, which are between 1.25 and 1.5 hours, will educate families about the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse. They are presented by Karen Hutcheson, Ph.D., LPC, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in assessing and treating children, teens, and adults with a history of trauma. he offers specific strategies for talking to children about sex and giving children the tools to stay safe at every developmental stage.  




Exploring the Seven Core Issues in Adoption

This 1.5-hour course will provide a brief overview of the seven core issues in adoption, and will explore how these issues affect specifically adoptees and adoptive parents. It contains a welcome video, a video presentation of the topic, and a knowledge check. A certificate of completion is available to download and save or print upon completion.


Full House: Adopting a Sibling Set

This 1-hour course offers important issues to consider before adopting siblings, looking at the benefits and challenges. Learn strategies for building family cohesion and insights into making the placement successful. The class includes a welcome video, a video presentation of the topic, and a knowledge check. A certificate of completion is available to download and save or print upon completion.


The Joys and Challenges of Adopting an Older Child

Adopting a school-aged child, a preteen, or a teenager brings its own joys and challenges. Topics in this 2-hour course include social media, cell phones, friendships, dating, and more. It emphasizes helping an older child adjust to a new home and offers guidance on bonding and attachment in older children.


Making a Family: Preparing for the First Six Months After Placement

This 1.5-hour course will help you to prepare for the arrival of a child by adoption into your family. Topics such as eating, sleeping, bonding, and more will be covered. There is a brief quiz at the end, and certificates of completion are available.


Navigating Difficult Seasons in Adoption

The joys and blessings of adoption are intricately woven with challenges and hard times. This 1-hour course explores some tough issues facing adoptive families. Parents will better understand adoptees' needs and be better prepared to move through difficult seasons.


Parenting the Whole Child: The Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body of an Adoptee

The goal of this 1.25-hour course is to promote long-term healthy relationships among family members.  Effective discipline strategies are discussed, specifically tailoring the discipline to suit the level of correction needed.  Self-care is also emphasized to ensure all members of the adoptive family are set up for success.


Preparing Extended Family and Friends for Your Adoption

This 1-hour training focuses on incorporating your loved ones into your adoption journey. Topics include telling others about your adoption decision, answering their questions, managing their expectations, and mediating their interaction with your newly adopted child. It will help you open up conversations and welcome your family and friends into the world of adoption.


Post-Adoption Depression

This 1-hour course explores the experience of post-adoption depression, also known as PAD. Learn coping strategies, including knowing when to get outside professional help. PAD is a condition that can be hard to talk about, but this course handles the topic with compassion and empathy.


School and Adoption: Advocating for Your Child's Education

Parents have many options for educating their adopted child. Homeschool, public school, private school - the choices can seem overwhelming. This 2-hour course will guide you through all aspects of your child's education, from choosing the right type of school to balancing school with extra-curricular activities. Learn about IEPs, 504s, ESL, and therapeutic services available through the school system. This course will help school to be a beneficial and positive experience for your child that will set your child up for a lifetime of learning.


Siblings in Adoption

Relationships with siblings are likely the most enduring and influential relationships a person will experience in life. This 2-hour course examines several ways sibling relationships are created and explores the many aspects of sibling dynamics. Special consideration is given to adopting multiple children and adopting children out of birth order. Receive practical advice for facing challenges among siblings after an adoption. Help your children connect, get along, and enjoy each other with the insight offered in this course.


Successful Parenting in Transracial and Transcultural Adoptions

This 1½-hour course is designed to help adoptive families successfully parent an adopted child who is of a different race or culture. Join us as we discuss topics such as identity formation and racism from a Christian worldview.


Supporting Adoptive Families with Understanding and Wisdom

This 1½-hour course is designed for the support system of adoptive families including grandparents, friends, neighbors, the church community, and more. The course is broken into 5 sections that help you understand the experience of the child in adoption, the experience of the family, the nuances of the adoption adjustment, how you can help, and if needed, how you can provide respite care (care for the adopted child) in a wise and healthy way.


Trauma, Loss, and Attachment in Children and Parents

Adoption begins with loss, and the impact of that loss is explored in this 1.5-hour course. The first part will examine the types of trauma your child may have experienced prior to placement and how to help your child heal from past hurts.  The second part will explore your attachment style and how to move past your "stuck spots" if needed. This course will focus on growing a long-term, loving, and secure relationship with your child through adoption.


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Webinars – Live and On Demand

Citizenship & Re-Adoption, Part 1

Join us to hear from adoption attorney, Karen S. Law, Esquire, as she addresses common questions about international adoption and citizenship.


Citizenship & Re-Adoption, Part 2

This is a follow-up session from adoption attorney, Karen S. Law, Esquire, as she addresses some additional questions about international adoption and citizenship.


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