Why Choose Us?

America World is committed to helping America's families and the world's orphans experience the love of God in Jesus through the "Spirit of adoption" message.

How It All Started: Adopting from China

On August 1st, 1994 Brian and Renee Luwis traveled to China for the first time to hold and bring home their newly adopted daughter, Fei, through international adoption.

After realizing that there were still so many orphans without homes, they decided to take action. Shortly after returning from China, Brian and Renee began to create and build what is now the America World Adoption Association (AWAA) — a ministry dedicated to sharing the belief that one of God's most profound blessings is to experience a child by adoption.

America World's Mission:

"Building families according to God's design of adoption, while caring for vulnerable children around the world"

America World is committed to helping America's families and the world's orphans experience the love of God in Jesus through the "Spirit of adoption." We are a Christian adoption agency that values the right of every child to have a family and believes adoption is a God-ordained way to build a family. America World is also devoted to actively supporting orphan awareness ministries and hopes to spread the Spirit of adoption within the Christian community.

As a Hague-accredited international adoption agency, we offer service that is both personal and dependable. Our Family Coordinators are trained to handle every detail of your adoption process and will begin to work with you from the moment your application is approved. Your Family Coordinator works closely with you throughout the entire adoption process and is sensitive to the needs of both you and your child. They will be by your side, as your main point of contact, throughout your adoption process. We believe that nothing happens by accident, and if you decide to adopt through America World we are confident that God will place just the right child (or children) in your home.

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So Why Choose America World?

Faith-based Agency:

If you are looking for an adoption agency that believes God has a plan for orphans and that adoption is not Plan B, then know that America World was started on those very principles. Our staff begins every morning with a time of devotion and prayer--praying for our families, the orphans who wait, and for God to guide us and bless our work. Not all agencies are concerned with children being placed into Christ-centered families where they will experience the love of Jesus Christ each and every day. This is a core principle at America World Adoption.

Experience in Adoption:

America World began in 1994 as America China Adoption Association (ACAA). At the time, we were solely working with China to help with the orphan crisis. In 2000, we became America World Adoption (AWAA) as we opened Russia and Ukraine programs. To date, America World has over a dozen adoption programs and has seen over 5,000 orphans placed into Christ-centered homes. We have a great relationship with each of the countries where we serve and the officials we work with, including many partner orphanages.

Integrity in Our Work:

The agency began solely to find Christian homes for orphans throughout the world, then to assist America's families in adopting a child. The primary concern is for the child, then the adoptive family. America World still favors family reunification whenever possible. Keeping families together is the ideal situation. When that is not possible, America World believes adoption within a child's country and community is the next best step, and when that cannot happen international adoption is the next best option for the child. America World is well-known in the adoption community for its integrity throughout the adoption process, and has been Hague-accredited since 2008. We also hold a Gold Guidestar rating.

Financial Accountability:

America World understands that adoption is costly to families. We are one of the few agencies that includes all adoption costs in our "total adoption cost" estimate. From application to home study, from passports to travel and post adoption, we want families to know what the true total cost of their adoption will be with no "surprises" or "hidden" fees. From the start, our co-founder and President, Brian Luwis, has volunteered all his time to the agency and not taken a salary—just as a way to help keep costs for adoptive families as low as possible. America World is also accredited by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Personal Care:

One of the many strengths of America World has always been its team members. The America World team is dedicated to our families and to providing personal and professional service. Our entire team believes in the mission of America World and feels called to serve orphans and families—its not just a job. In fact, many of our staff are adoptive parents who know what it is like to go through the adoption process! Over the years, our families have consistently praised America World for the relationships they have formed with their Family Coordinators—many consider them a part of their family. Every adoption and family is different and our staff is deeply committed to serving our families with outstanding service.


From government officials in the U.S. to each of the countries we serve, America World has a reputation for keeping the interest of the child first and foremost. Our reputation with America World families has consistently maintained high marks as indicated by post-adoption surveys for total adoption costs, personal and professional service (both here in the U.S. and in the adoptive country), and for the high degree of integrity through the adoption process. At America World, our Family Coordinator know each family they work with and pray for each one.

Orphan Advocacy:

America World believes that adoption is not the only way to 'care for orphans', but that it is important to provide for them physically, emotionally and spiritually while they wait for their forever families. Many of them maynot be adopted for various reasons but still need that support. America World established an orphan advocacy ministry for the the sole purpose of focusing on the needs of orphans. America World serves by providing financial support, child sponsorship, orphan awareness projects, and mission trips to orphanages where individuals and church groups can personally show the love of Christ to orphans around the world. The network of adoption advocates at America World reaches far beyond adoptive families.

What Families Have to Say:

Casting Crowns' Mark Hall and Family, China adoption

"We're very grateful to America World Adoption for helping build our family through God's design of adoption. Their spirit of compassion and attention to detail at home and in-country made the wait and the process a blessing."
- Mark & Melanie Hall, Casting Crowns

"As an adoptive parent and one who has experienced the miracle of adoption first hand, it's so exciting to see how God is using the Adopted by Design message to inspire, inform, and capture the hearts of many families to experience this miracle as well."
- Steven & Mary Beth Chapman

"God took our doubts and showed us over and over again His grace and plans. We thought we could help change the life of a child, but she is the one who is changing us."
- Jodi Smith

"The day we really decided to adopt was the day our little boy was born. Isn't God amazing?"
- Lynette Duncan

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