Adoption Videos

Adoption Stories:  Shared Through Video

We all love stories, whether spoken, written or in video form.  Take a moment out of your day to watch these adoption videos--some from families sharing their personal adoption stories and some informative videos.  We hope you enjoy them and will be inspired to do something--share a story, advocate for an orphan needing a family, or adopt a child.

America World's Adoption Video Series is the newest addition to our video page. This series was designed to give a broad view of adoption and the adoption process from families who have completed an adoption through America World. You will hear from families who adopted from China and Ethiopia as they discuss the following:

  • "Adoption's Impact" - How adopting has impacted their lives and their perspective as it relates to orphans and adoption
  • "Working with America World" - Choosing the right international adoption agency is so important. These families are open and honest about their experiences in working with America World from application through post-adoption.
  • "Affording Adoption" - There is no denying that the adoption process is expensive. It is the reason many families decide not to adopt at all. Hear from families who had to deal with the cost of adoption and get their throughts.
  • "Meeting Your Child" - The day every adoptive family looks forward to is meeting their child. They have waited for that moment, and our families re-live that special moment in time that changed their lives.
  • "Bonding with Your Child" - Most families are concern about how their adopted child will connect with them and how quickly that will happen. Each child is different and you will hear from parents who went through this transition.
  • "Talking to Kids About Adoption" - How does this work? When do you explain this to them? How do they react? For some, there are obvious physical differences. Parents share how they dealt with this discussion.
  • "What Kids Say About Adoption" - Growing up adopted can feel different from some children. Hear from adopted children, their siblings and their parents about this topic.
  • "Encouragement & Advice" - Are you considering adoption or maybe just started the process? Our families share some insights into the adoption process and offer their encouragement.
  • "Meeting Children's Biological Father" - This is something that is very unique in international adoption, but can happen. One family had the opportunity to talk with the biological father of their 3 children.
  • "About the Founders" - Brian & Renee Luwis did not aspire to creating an adoption agency, but responded when God prompted them. After adopting their first daughter from China, they began assisting others who wanted to adopt. More than 20 years later, America World has seen over 4,500 orphans become sons and daughters throught the miracle of adoption.