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America World Adoption - Tennessee is licensed and Hague accredited in the State of Tennessee to provide adoption services for families. Although our primary role is to provide home study services for families adopting through America World, we are also able to prepare a home study and post-adoption reports for families using other placement agencies and who meet America World's agency requirements. Our office is located in Murfreesboro, TN but we have workers located in Knoxville, Nashville, Jackson and serve the whole state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Home Study Services

The Home Study is a major part of the adoption process designed to help you, America World, the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), and the foreign government assesses your ability to provide a loving home for an orphan. A home study is an assessment process that provides a written report that is a comprehensive picture of your background, current family life, and how this new child will be integrated into your family. It is designed to be a non-judgmental, educational and fruitful process. Some of the topics discussed during the home study process are the motivation for adoption, expectations regarding adoption: short-term and long-term, attitude towards biological parents, type of child desired: age, sex, medical or emotional concerns, and attitudes of extended family and non-resident siblings. Your home study coordinator will also explore your values related to parenting, marriage, finances, spiritual beliefs, and child-care plans. These discussions will all take place during four face-to-face visits, one of which must be in your home. For residents in the State of Tennessee, state and local criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks, and references will be obtained. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate, marriage license, financial documentation, and medical statements for all members of the family. All of these items will be collected and reported in the home study.

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Tennessee Post-Adoption Services

America World - Tennessee also provides post-adoption services for your adoption. Post-adoption visits are vital to helping an adoptive family adjust and transition to a new family unit. We will visit your family in your home to assess your transition and write a post-adoption report. Each country and even some states have its own post-adoption requirements. Your social worker will ensure that all state, agency, and country requirements are met in your post-adoptive reports. At a minimum, you will be required to have at least two post-adoption visits. In addition to post-adoption visits and reports, we will be available to offer adoption support and referrals for special services, adoption education, and/or adoption training.

A Note from the Tennessee Director of Social Services – Elizabeth Gray

As Director of Social Services for Tennessee, Elizabeth works with families through the home study and post-adoption process. She strives to help adoptive parents feel supported and connected throughout their adoption. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor's of Science in Social Work and a Master's in Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. She has worked in school social work, juvenile court, and adoption. She has been with America World since the end of 2013 and served as a home study coordinator and the Tennessee Director of Social Services. She is passionate about adoption and feels blessed to work for America World.

How to Begin Your Adoption

If you are adopting through America World, you will begin by completing an application online. Once your application has been approved and we have received your program agreements, Elizabeth Gray will contact you to initiate the home study. If you are not using America World as your placing agency but would like to use our local social services in Tennessee, you may fill out the application online and choose "Social Services Only" under Application Type. The application fee for a social service only case is reduced to $295. Once the application is processed, Elizabeth will contact you and will work directly with you and your placement agency to ensure all requirements are met in your home study and post-adoption reports. If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Gray.

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