Everyone has a story.  In fact, we believe that each of our lives are stories written in God's book before our existence (Psalm 139:16).  

One of the many profound things about adoption is the merging of stories—the story of individuals in a family here in the U.S., and the story of an orphan somewhere in the world.  As those stories collide, a complete family is created—one that God intended from the beginning of time.  It's just one of the many ways God turns sorrow (e.g.  relinquishment or abandonment of a child in adoption) into joy (Isaiah 61:3).

America World began its "Storyteller" campaign a few years ago as a way to connect the stories of orphans who wait for their forever families, with families here in the U.S. who God is calling to adopt. Our mission teams travel to orphanages in Ethiopia, Uganda, India, China, and Haiti to provide love and hope to the children there. While visiting the orphanages, our teams get to know each child—learn their likes, their personalities, etc. and bring those "stories" home with them to share with others. Through prayer and 'storytelling', God has used our Storyteller campaign to unite families through the miracle of adoption. Learn more about our mission teams on our One Orphan pages!

Below are just a few adoption stories of America World families who wanted to share their unique situations with you.  Adoption stories about God's provision, stories from families who have adopted from India, China, Ethiopia, and stories of those who have joined us on One Orphan mission trips to orphanages.

At America World, we love to hear stories from our families and mission trip members—the real 'Storytellers'.  We hope that you will enjoy each story and be inspired to do something to change the lives of orphans around the world!