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Category: Rwanda

April 8, 2015
Country Shirts Now 50% Off at AWAA Store (Africa, China & India)!
Spring is here but the weather is still cool in many places. Perfect time to get your America World long-sleeve country t-shirt for 50% off regular price!Our women's long-sleeve t-shirts are on sale now through April 15th and are available for Africa, China and India! Be sure to use…
September 19, 2014
Reminder: Disney Cruise AWAA 20th Anniversary Reunion
We're going to have a goofy amount of fun in February while sailing the Disney Dream through the Caribbean - you won't want to miss this opportunity to connect with adoptive families in a beautiful setting! There is a huge variety of activities onboard and at the two stops- Nassau and…
September 9, 2014
“For Someone Very Special:  Hold On”
Written by Ginny Henderson This is for the adoptive or foster mom who is struggling.  I have read your posts, I have read your blogs, and I can't get you off of my heart.  This is not just for one mom in particular but for the many moms who need to be encouraged on their mountain climb or…