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September 19, 2014
Reminder: Disney Cruise AWAA 20th Anniversary Reunion
We're going to have a goofy amount of fun in February while sailing the Disney Dream through the Caribbean - you won't want to miss this opportunity to connect with adoptive families in a beautiful setting! There is a huge variety of activities onboard and at the two stops- Nassau and…
September 9, 2014
“For Someone Very Special:  Hold On”
Written by Ginny Henderson This is for the adoptive or foster mom who is struggling.  I have read your posts, I have read your blogs, and I can't get you off of my heart.  This is not just for one mom in particular but for the many moms who need to be encouraged on their mountain climb or…
July 1, 2014
Be a Storyteller Campaign
One of the best ways that you can advocate for the fatherless is to simply tell their story. Our desire is to be a voice for those that cannot speak up for themselves, to have their stories told, their voice heard, and their lives changed. Through our Be a Storyteller campaign, we hope to…