Day of Hope 2016 hero

Day of Hope 2016




2016 Season of Hope

thru 12/12/16 9:00 am



We have significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children in each of the countries we partner with. America World is committed to family preservation and orphan care and thanks to our wonderful in-country partners, hundreds of children are being loved and cared for.

This is why we have hope. We not only believe that we can continue to care for vulnerable children, we expect it. Hope is not hope without expectation.

Each family who has been impacted by the gift of adoption likely has the same thought. What about the children we left behind?

The answer is continued involvement in orphan care initiatives. As we enter this season of hope we invite you to partner with us again, or perhaps for the first time.

On December 8th members of One Orphan and America World staff called America World friends and families to extend an invitation to impact the lives of children around the world. Even though our Day of Hope 2016 (12/8/16) is over, the matching gift continues through December 31, 2016 so please prayerfully consider a year-end tax-deductible gift.

Here are just a few ways your gifts will support vulnerable children:

As we enter this Season of Hope we ask that you not only consider investing financially in the lives of orphans, but also investing time in prayer. Please pray for families to continue to choose adoption. Please lift up the children still waiting. And please keep our staff in prayer as we continue to fight for children around the world. International adoption becomes more difficult each year, please pray for doors to open and hearts to be moved.

We are so thankful for our dedicated families and we hope to unite with you as we speak up for vulnerable children.

If you are ready or led to start the Season of Hope now you can make tax-deductible donations by clicking this link and designating your gift as Day of Hope 2016 in the drop down menu.

If you have questions about how your gift will be utilized feel free to contact the Executive Director of One Orphan, Joe Wilson.

We are grateful for all those who contribute to make this Season of Hope a success!


Thank You to All Who Have Donated So Far!
(Those who agreed to share are listed below)

Amy Maze $20
Hershel Hancock $100
Nina Neubauer $20
Benjamin Boding $1,000
Michael Drinkwater $20
Anonymous $1,000
Brian Behary $20
Cheri Strange $150
Sarah Stevenson $100
Ashley Bruce $100
Chad Andreae $1,000
Charles Reynolds $50
Gerald Steagall $20
Peter Rice $50
Jody Gerlach $100
Gregory Esse $100
Kristina Kaufmann $2,000
Devin Eckhardt $1,000
Meggan Speck $200
Jennifer Dickinson $50
Tim Luwis $100
Rebecca West $150
Vern McQueen $100
Liesje Konyndyk-O'Farrell $20
Heather Wempe $100
Abby Konyndyk $20
Melissa McFeron $100
First Baptist Church $580
Jeffrey Ward undisclosed
Kim Cunningham $25
Debora Lee Niebruegge $100
Audrey Paladino $20
Erin Hawk $350
Stephanie Hester $1,000
Katherine Redfern $10
Pereira Family $1000
Cheryl Stimpson $50
Karmyn Heckart $1000
Jan VanKooten $100
Tori VanDerMerwe $500
Katherine Bradley $25
Doug $5,000
Darin Berkley $100
Diane Vanderveen $200
Whitaker Family $5,000
Karen Hutcheson $150
Kimberly Bryan $20
Jordana Long $100
Robert Carlson $100
Mike Hood $100
Amanda Henneberg $100
Becki $500
Dee Pierce undisclosed
David L. Stangellini $100
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $1000
Sunny Lee $100
Anthony J. Pilato $250
Mary Jo Graham $50
Rebekah Fisher $50
Steve & Melody Lance $6,250
Marcia Garcia $100
Anonymous $50
Carrie $1,000
Elizabeth $200
Williams Family $500
Melissa $50
Amy $300
Lisa $250
Kirby Church $1,000
Anonymous $10,000
Amber Lewis $100
Elliot Ho $90
Stephanie Rice $25
Tracy Fulford $50
Anonymous $1,000
Dusty Duncan $100
Madelyn Pierce $25
Blair R. Meier undisclosed
Madelyn Pierce $25
Dusty Duncan $100
Mandy Feltman $500