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America World's Ethiopia program began in 2006 and grew quickly. Although Ethiopia is still one of the largest adoption programs out there, there has been a steep decline nationwide in the number of children adopted from Ethiopia since 2011. America World has seen the process become more lengthy and more complicated throughout the years. 

Unfortunately, this country that is about twice the size of Texas has an estimated 4.3 million orphans. The children are…

Waiting Children in Ethiopia
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Timeline: 48 - 60 months & increasing
Waiting Children Age: Boys/Girls, 6 months - 12 years
Parents Ages: 30 - 50
Marriage: 1 yr. at application; 2 yrs. at referral
Estimated Expenses: $30,530 - $40,340
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Please help us share Gideon's story today!

Gideon is a 9 year old boy with a sweet smile and a reserved personality. He is very close to his foster parents and foster brothers. Gideon's favorites include puzzles, veggies and meat, and the color yellow. He proudly shows...

China Letter of Acceptance!

The China team received great news recently! Another family received their Letter of Acceptance from China and this happy little guy will meet his forever family soon! Congratulations to all! Considering Adoption from China?